Spreaders SP-1875

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Efficient Direct Drive Transmission

The electric-powered motor and auger transmission unit precisely delivers materials to the spinner.

Inverted “V”

The patented inverted “V” baffle allows a consistent flow of bulk materials to the auger. Photo shows SP-1875.

Dual Variable Speed Digital Control

Dial in the spread pattern with the dual variable-speed control. This digital, self-diagnosing unit allows independent adjustment of spinner and auger speeds.


The vibrator attaches to the inverted “V” baffle to maximize flow of bulk materials.

Mounting Systems

Model SP-1575 comes with an integrated receiver/3-point mounting system for use with many types of vehicles. SP-1875 offers plenty of versatility with a variety of mount options.

Fitted Lid

The fitted lid provides a convenient solution for protecting the material from moisture.

Top Screen

Keep large clumps of salt out of the hopper with the provided top screen.


Model SP-1875
Empty Weight 180 lb
Overall Length 24"
Overall Height 36"
Overall Width 52"
Hopper Length 21"
Hopper Width 47"