Spreaders SP-575X

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Spinner Motor

The spinner motor transmission is completely electric powered. It draws electricity from the vehicle and offers plenty of power to the spreader. Also, it’s protected from the elements by a sealed drive enclosure.

Receiver Mount

The spreaders come standard with a 2-inch (51mm) receiver mount for convenient attachment to a variety of vehicles.

Digital Variable Speed Control

A digital, self-diagnosing control comes standard with models SP-575X and SP-1075X. It offers variable speed control of the spinner.

Weather-Resistant Control

SP-325 includes a weather-resistant variable speed control, which adjusts the spinner speed from 1–10.

Vertical High-Flow Auger

The 3-inch (7.6 mm) high-flow auger allows the units to spread bagged rock salt and calcium flake consistently.

Fitted Lid

The fitted lid provides a convenient solution for protecting the material from moisture.


Model SP-575X
Empty Weight 106 lb
Overall Length 20½"
Overall Height 35"
Overall Width 38"
Hopper Length 20½"
Hopper Width 38"