Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland

20 & 25 Ton HD Deckovers

Cam Superline 20 & 25 Ton HD Heavy Duty Deckovers for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Baltimore, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Westminster, MD.

CAM Superline heavy duty deckover construction trailers are built to handle the heaviest loads and withstand the toughest applications. Available in 20 and 25 ton capacity models, these trailers are designed for hauling pavers, excavators, crawlers and other types of construction equipment.

Each heavy duty deckover construction trailer is built with first run American-made high-tensile structural steel. Utilizing a 14 inch I-beam mainframe with full pierced beam construction, this design creates a trailer with superb rigidity, high payload, and a lower, more stabile deck height. In addition, the tongue is reinforced on the inside and outside of the rail, making it one of the strongest pintle towed trailers in the industry.

CAM Superline manufactures all 20 and 25 ton trailers with a Hutch H9700 suspension and Dexter oil bath axles. These axles utilize a low profile outboard hub and drum configuration, allowing for easy drum removal to access the brakes for maintenance without the need to remove the hub and bearing pack. Both models come standard with a full anti-lock braking system.

CAM Superline uses premium 2" rough cut Northern oak for trailer decking. This compressed, tight-grained native lumber is durable, long-lasting, and strong. The heavy duty decking is placed for maximum traction and support to reduce slippage when loading equipment.

For ease of loading and versatility, an innovative air-powered lift ramp system is available in 2 different sizes: 30x72 inches and 40x80 inches, with both sizes available in either wood-filled or self-cleaning ladder-style ramps. The 40x80 inch ramps are available with an optional 36 inch flooding knife-edge extension. This lowers the approach angle, allowing for easy paver loading and screed clearance.

Dual 50,000-pound 2-speed jacks provide optimum stability on all CAM Superline heavy duty deckover trailers. Dual jacks allow the user to safely leave equipment loaded on the trailer when disconnecting the truck to be utilized for other purposes.

CAM Superline fits all heavy duty deckover trailers with a large sealed and lockable toolbox. Plug and glad-hand holders are mounted in the tongue area. These receptacles seal the air lines from outside contaminates when the trailer is disconnected from the truck. A "dummy" connector guards the electric plug against contamination from any external dirt.

Built for quality, value, and dependability, all CAM Superline trailers come standard with LED lights, a sealed, 1-piece heat-shrunk wiring harness, and a superior 2 component finish featuring an epoxy primer and PPG polyurethane paint providing the ultimate in corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. Back it all up with a 3-year warranty and it's easy to see - CAM Superline is your partner for the long haul!