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Echo Hand Tools for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Baltimore, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Westminster, MD.

Hand Pruners...Professional quality for your landscaper needs.

When you need to make a cut here, a snip there, or chopping firewood, ECHO’s Bypass Hand Pruners, Hatchet, Axes and Maul are an essential part of your landscaping arsenal.  The Pruner's bypass blades work just like a pair of scissors using two curved blades to cut through plants.  They also feature high quality blades, shock-absorbing handle bumpers and a lifetime warranty.  Carbon steel blades have a low-friction coating resisting sap and they stay sharper longer.

ECHO’s line-up of axes, a hatchet and splitting maul feature professional-grade components for long-lasting reliability. All the cutting heads use high carbon-content steel with hardened and tempered cutting edges. All the handles are select hickory wood for maximum strength and durability. An axe or hatchet are key for uses where chain saws shouldn't be used or cutting limbs on the ground or in dirty enrivonments.