Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland

Toro MB TX 2500S Swivel Mud Buggy®

MB TX 2500S Swivel Mud Buggy® for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Baltimore, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Westminster, MD.

Toro MB TX 2500S Swivel Mud Buggy® for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland

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Toro MB TX 2500S Swivel Mud Buggy® for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland



180-degree Swivel
Allows users to dump material at any point along the 180 degree radius.

Powerful Engine
The durable and proven 25 hp Kohler Confidant engine powers the Tracked Mud Buggy and allows speeds upwards of 6 mph

Auto-Return Dump
This feature ensures the tub automatically returns to resting position so the operator can focus on retrieving the next load of concrete

High Carrying Capacity
The machine and its components have been designed and tested to achieve a 2,500 lbs carrying capacity, which improves durability and longevity

Durable Tracks
Endless Kevlar® reinforced tracks ensure maximum strength and performance

This machine has been designed with notably less hoses and fitting, reducing points of service and cost. Belts, hydros and batteries are all easily accessible along with the engine compartment for efficient routine maintenance

Ride-On Platform
Suspended, ride-on platform results in less operator fatigue and folds up for ease of trailering


  • Capacity
    16 cu. ft. (0.45 cu. m.)
  • Engine
    25hp* Kohler Confidant
  • Speeds
    6 mph forward, 3 mph reverse
  • Weight
    1,975 lbs.
  • Disclaimer
    *The gross horsepower of this engine was laboratory rated at 3600 rpm by the engine manufacturer in accordance with SAE J1940. As configured to meet safety, emission and operating requirements, the actual horsepower on this class of product will be significantly lower.

Accessories and Attachments

Material Buggy Steel Tub

Superior performance meets versatility with the launch of the steel tub accessory for the Material Buggy product line. The steel tub is sold as an accessory to replace the standard poly tub. The steel tub will be sold separately from the traction unit. There will not be a base model sold with the steel tub pre-assembled. The steel tub is designed to fit on the full Material Buggy line, from the wheeled units to the new Swivel Mud Buggy®.
• High weight-carrying capacity: The steel tub offers the 16-cubic foot and 2,500-pound carrying capacity found on the full line of Material Buggies.
• Tub design: The curved back allows the tub to dump material at any point along the 180-degree radius when used on the Swivel Mud Buggy model.
• Versatile platform: The steel tub was designed to fit all the current Material Buggy models.